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You are an entrepreneur who knows they have been gifted and you are ready to forge your own path and contribute that magic to the world only you can bring. You have a desire to show up and communicate yourself in a way that’s genuine, authentic, and effective. You are finally ready to get intentional and strategic with your off/online presence.

There are so many ideas you have and want to implement that you feel overwhelmed. You know you need to narrow your focus so you can become more compelling and impactful. You know what you want to do, but it’s hard to know where to start and you feel a little lost right now especially when you look at the “crowded” market place.


At the end of the day, all you need is someone to help you cut out the noise, discover your bankable gift, and help you gain clarity on the message you want to communicate to your audience My job is to give you a step-by-step road map to get you there.



I’ll never forget the first time I ever heard the term “personal Branding”.

I had left my 5-9 job as a broadcast journalist/ editor in chief for radio and TV with no plan, no vision only a conviction I had to move. In the journey to finding what my life’s purpose really was I took freelance writing jobs, volunteer jobs, personal assistant jobs, media consulting jobs etc.

I was referred by a friend to another who had just moved back to the country for a writing gig. I was contracted to write several articles one of which was an article on the 50 most influential women in my country. I was so excited about this because I have always been passionate about helping women build confidence and stand out. This was an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the women I had been admiring and following in silence.

That was not going to happen. Imagine my shock, frustration, amazement at discovering that over 80% of these women had no online presence. I found them nowhere, no contacts i could reach them through…and in frustration I went back to the magazine editor and told her what I was facing.

What she said, unlocked my destiny! She said “Personal Branding in Cameroon is a Mess”

Prior to that moment in 2013-14 I had never heard of that. I know of branding but not personal branding. It kept ringing in my spirit and I knew I had to find out what it was all about. Immediately I got home I went on the internet and began researching. It sounded so much like what I have been desiring to do, I had aha moments!

Immediately I began researching for schools, mentors, coaches and out of the many I wrote to, two responded almost immediately. One of them, a veteran in the Personal Branding sector (over 30yrs)

She opened up her world to me and poured out years of experience and when she knew I was ready she told me to go out in 2015. That we the birth of KARA Communications, a branding and communication Company where we are passionate about helping female owned businesses stand out. We help them uncover their bankable gifts and build authentic and aesthetic personal brands around those so they can attract attention, client, and cash and get to live the life they always wanted.

Truth be told, I was brand new at this thing. A total novice. I had just finished my certification and had taken a giant leap into entrepreneurship. As a first time founder, I remember feeling terrified. I felt like an impostor—and am sure it showed..

However, I knew deep down that I had the training and the talent. My unique personality and professional expertise as a journalist were as good as any. I just needed to communicate this in a way that my potential clients could understand.



First, I began organizing workshops to valid the idea. I had over 20 participants and this was unbelievable. Then I knew it was something worth pursuing. So I organized a second, then a third, a fourth…

Then, I had to find out how to leverage social media as a way to make me appear more credible?

This is where one of the coaches come in, I registered for a 30 day personal branding challenge (had to borrow money to do this) I discovered during this challenge where to focus in order to show up and communicate as a professional.


I also started a personal blog and began blogging about the things I knew well (branding, communication and my own personal story). I optimized all of my social media profiles to represent the kind of expert my clients needed me to be (the person I truly was). Then, I began marketing myself on Facebook then Instagram and some LinkedIn. Eventually, over time, I was able to cultivate an engaged audience across these platforms.

Slowly but surely, my work began to pay off. I clarified the message I wanted to send and shape the way people perceived me as an entrepreneur.

Not only did I get more confident, but I also noticed that my personal marketing efforts were giving my work more exposure. More inquiries. More awareness. More recognition.

It was the most powerful form of marketing I had ever executed.

This is personal branding.

When an entrepreneur optimize their presence and visibility and market themselves in a purposeful way, they rightfully position themselves as a person that people can trust.

When your company’s message comes from a living, breathing person, we are more inclined to believe it. We can trust and relate to other humans in a way that is impossible to do with a faceless company.

Your personal brand is the secret ingredient that will make your business irresistible. It gives your audience a clear understanding of who you are, what you do, and why you do it.




I work with CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Professionals spanning across industries. I’ve spoken at a number of events and gatherings, featured on the national business daily  and interviewed on different television stations.

In all my experience as a Personal Brand Strategist, I will tell you that no individual is the same; everyone has a unique God given purpose and the world needs that gift that only you can give. Do you know what this and how to communicate it to the world? I believe it takes a Personal Brand Strategist to help you uncover and convey this in a way that’s powerful and effective.

The need to respond to the needs of more clients worldwide led me to create online programs that helps entrepreneurs achieve results at a pace that suits their current needs and means. This is inspired by real people who have come to me with a burning desire to make an impact and influence the world by sharing their personal story and professional expertise.

I am certain this is the best investment you will make for yourself and your business. It will change the way you see yourself, and how you show up to serve those you are called to.

Can’t wait to see you inside.


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